The Mindful Mama

Welcome to The Mindful Mama blog, a place where I share my thoughts and musings combining my passion for mental health, mindfulness and parenting. As a therapist, I work with adults and children alike on how to achieve mental and physical wellness and as a parent... well, I'm pretty tired most days and my daughter is a spicy firecracker who brings me joy and exasperation in equal measure.

Turns out, parenting can be tricky and maintaining that balance of keeping yourself sane and your kids happy is a real juggling act. The Mindful Mama is a place for ideas on how to become more mindful as a parent and how to teach mindfulness to our kids. You may notice I like to keep things real on here. I'm not going to be suggesting a one-hour yoga session followed by a herbal tea and a delightful afternoon of child bonding over craft projects, because let's be honest, life doesn't quite work like that. It's more about the little things we can do to nourish ourselves, recharge our batteries and keep sane whilst trying to convince our children that tidying up is actually a fun game and all that all vegetables are delicious.